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Duy Beni episode 14 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 14th episode of the Turkish series "Duy Beni" tells how for some students a new guy named Atesh becomes a serious competitor. Atesh confessed to Ekim that their dead teacher Bahar was his older sister. And he didn't end up in this school by accident. He is sure that her death is not really an accident. She was killed because Bahar managed to find out something. And whatever it was that she found out, she had to pay for it with her own life. Then Ekim asked what Atesh plans to do next? When Atesh stood on the roof of the building, he drew attention to himself. Ekim went up to him and wanted to talk. She said that the person he was trying to find was not Kanat. Atesh asked if this was an objective person telling her? Or a girl in love? Atesh himself is proud of the fact that he manages to be one step ahead of Kanat. Kanat warned Atesh that champions never remember scores. Ayse is very worried that she will be able to lose her father again. The father promised Aisha that no one and nothing could separate them except death. Ekim tries to convince Atesh that Kanat is a good person. She is ready to do whatever he wants, she only asks Atesh to leave Kanat alone. When Atesh and Ekim were in an abandoned warehouse, Kanat witnessed this meeting...