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Senden Daha Güzel (More beautiful than you) episode 7 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 7th episode of the Turkish series “Senden Daha Güzel” will tell about how Emir became interested in Efsun, did she really change her mind about leaving? Efsun replied that no matter how much he wanted to, he would not be able to send her away from here. If she wants to, she will leave, if not, she will stay. Emir is sure that in this clinic Efsun holds heart ties that she cannot break in any way. Efsun was very surprised by this statement. But Emir is not at all blind and sees everything perfectly. The Emir begins to feel Efsun's jealousy towards Ali. He decided to ask what kind of relationship she had with him? Or is there something between them? At the same time, Emir noticed that he was simply interested in it, as her partner. Efsun replied that everything is already visible. Efsun went to dinner with Emir and Ali. She told Ali that if he had any problems at the clinic, he could always turn to her for help. Ali replied that he would do just that with great pleasure. The Emir did not like such a conversation and communication between Efsun and Ali at all. As soon as Efsun was left alone with the Emir, she asked if his problem was Ali Bychakchi? The Emir remembered how he saw Efsun and Ali at a party, and then they kissed. He did not like it very much, and he told Efsun about it ...