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Senden Daha Güzel (More beautiful than you) episode 5 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 5th episode of the Turkish TV series “Senden Daha Güzel” will tell about how Efsun decided to convene a commission on medical ethics. Emir does not understand that he could have done such a bad thing to Efsun, for which she hates him so much. After all, they managed to spend not only a wonderful evening together, but even become much closer to each other. Efsun seems to be playing some kind of game with Emir. Then she shows that she is close to him, and then begins to move away again. Only for Efsun, a lot has changed since that evening. Efsun began to realize that she had made a big mistake and then she herself went on a commission to defend the Emir. It would seem that she had an ideal plan, which Efsun managed to implement, but everything went completely unexpectedly for herself. She began to ask the clinic staff if they want the return of Emir? When Efsun left the clinic, she immediately went to Emir. She said that he should get ready and go to work with her. But Emir reminds that he quit and therefore is not going to go anywhere. Efsun replied that officially he could not leave the job until the deadline expired. Emir had no choice but to return to the clinic. But Efsun became a disaster for him ...