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Uc Kiz Kardes (Three sisters) episode 27 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 27th episode of the Turkish series "Uc Kiz Kardes" will tell about how Turkan lost her child and all because she did not have time to get to the hospital on time. This tragedy was a great shock to her. Somer blames himself for everything and believes that he will not be able to live peacefully with this feeling. At the moment, he is struggling to keep himself from shooting himself in the head. When Turkan was discharged from the hospital and she returned to the mansion, she ran into Mine there and called her the killer. Nesrin told Sadiq that if he hates her so much, they can get a divorce and that will be the end of all problems. But Sadik continues to insist on his own. He intends to go to court and open a case. Even if he is angry and offended by his daughter, when it comes to his grandson, everything happens inside Sadyk in a completely different way. Ryuchkhan came home very angry and began to call Mine. She found her sleeping in the room and without saying anything began to beat the girl. And after that, she threw it out the door of her house. Then she warned everyone not to let this woman on the threshold of this house again. Even if she were to die, no one should give her even a drop of water. It didn't take long before Turkan told Somer that she wanted to be a mother again. But Turkan is not ready to part with Mine so easily. She intends to ensure that Mine pays off one by one for each of her actions ...