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Sadakatsiz episode 60 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 60th episode of the Turkish TV series "Sadakatsiz" will tell about how Asya got scared because of Volkan's injury. She was most worried about the fact that her son was left without a father. Asya was looking forward to Volkan waking up and getting better. But now her patience is over and she will do everything possible to wake up Volkan for real. She knows that all Volkan's actions affect their son. Now he has to make a decision that also applies to Ali. Derin was on the edge of the cliff and looked down. Asya realized what she was up to and tried to stop Derin. But Derin cannot imagine his life without Volkan, who, as it turned out, still loves Asya. But in this life there is another life in which Volkan loves Derin, that's exactly what she thinks. There they can become truly happy. Volkan has been taken under arrest, and he must somehow get out of this ill-fated place. But for that to happen, Derin must come and testify for Volkan. This is the only way he can clear his name and asks Asya to help him with this. But Asya came to Volkan with not very good news. Everything is developing in such a way that Volkan will not be able to get out of prison for a long time ...