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Sadakatsiz episode 58 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 58th episode of the Turkish TV series “Sadakatsiz” tells how Derin finds out that the whole estate of Khandemir was registered on Ali and was shocked. Derin immediately realized that this was the work of Asya. Javidan called Asya and said that Derin was not aware of the estate and when she found out, she was furious. She told Javidan that she would kill Asya. Derin called Asya and began to insist on their meeting. She must answer for what was written on Ali. Derin has no doubt that Asye set up a trap and deceives Volkan. Derya called Volkan and began to talk about the fact that Derin was threatening Asya. Volkan came to Asya, but she was nowhere to be found. He found a phone where it was written that Derin had gone crazy and wanted to kill Asya and Ali. Volkan began to worry about Ali and Asya and tried to figure everything out. Asya cooked a cake and came to Derin's house. When Derin saw her, she was very surprised. Asya did not answer, but going up to Volkan, she asked him to tell Derin what he should. Volkan was not prepared for this turn of events. Then Asya told Derin that Volkan was going to divorce her, as he still loves Asya. Derin grabbed a knife and attacked Asya. Volkan wanted to stop Derin and she, unwittingly, stabbed him with a knife...