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Sadakatsiz episode 39 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 39 of the Turkish TV series "Sadakatsiz" will tell how Asye realized that she would not be able to build a normal relationship with Aras until he remembered everything. There is anxiety inside her and every time it gets stronger. Aras went to Volkan and told him to stay away from Asier. They become more and more attached to each other every day. Asier is very worried that she will have to be upset. Aras tries to support Asier and he cannot afford to lose her in any way. Volkan learned about Aras that could play a big role for him. He came to Asya and reported that Aras was married. In fact, he is only pretending to have lost his memory. He perfectly remembers everything and even that he has a legal wife. Aras simply took advantage of Asier's kindness and deceived her. Volkan promises Asya that he will not let him get away with it just like that. Asier was shocked and she could not think that Aras could do this, because she trusted him. Asier began to ask Volkan what he was going to do? Or will he go to Aras and tell him that only he can deceive Asye and how could Aras afford it? Asier herself knows what to do next ...