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Kırmızı Oda (Red Room) episode 6 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In the 6th episode of the Turkish TV series "Kırmızı Oda" when Ahmet visited a psychologist, he told him that he had made an important decision. Akhmet accepted him for his own good, but because of this, his wife fell ill with cancer. Everyone begins to blame the man for the misfortune that happened to the woman because of him. And now he began to make new decisions, which in the end will be the price to pay for his betrayal. He is not going to tell anything to his wife and children and let this remain his burden for life. Dr. Hanım tried to explain that this is life and if she makes any decisions, then it must be so. Nobody can change this. Alya's grandmother begins to resent her hair and if she doesn't like it, then she just needs to cut it off. Little Alya was very upset about this. The doctor's assistant reports that she has not been able to get through to Meliha in the morning and she is very worried about this. The doctor still managed to contact Melikha and she began to ask her not to do anything bad. The doctor also began to worry and understands that Melikha needs to be found urgently. Only will Dr. Hanım be able to convince the girl that she should not settle scores with her life?