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Adim Farah episode 2 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 2nd episode of the Turkish TV series “Adim Farah” tells about how the main character, along with her son, was on the bus and fell asleep. When she woke up, she discovered that her bag, which contained the necklace, was missing. It was from him now that Kerim's life hung. Farah was able to catch up with the thief, but she was unable to return the necklace. The intruder pushed her with all his strength and Farah hit her head. When she regained consciousness, she was in the hospital. At that moment, Ali Galip was taken to the hospital, and it so happened that Farah saved his life. He began to ask Tahir to bring Farah to him. Tahir was very surprised to see her. He brought Farah and her son to the house, but the woman said that the room needed to be cleaned, as Kerim might pick up some kind of infection here. Then she began to ask Tahir, what will happen to them? Tahir replied that tomorrow would be much more difficult for Farah than today. She told Tahir that his mother had also given birth to him. Farah found out that Tahir hadn't told anyone about her going to the police. She wants to know if he did it for her? Ali Galip told Tahir that now they will raise Kerim, and Farah must die ...