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Seversin episode 4 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 4th episode of the Turkish TV series “Seversin” will tell about how Tolga and Asye continue to take pictures, which is not easy for them. Susan tells her son to show himself in all his glory. But Asya is having trouble with facial expressions and needs to smile a little to make her look happy. Everyone understands that Asya is confused, because she is not a professional in such matters. Then Tolgi was told to raise her energy. He is simply obliged to pull Asya out of the swamp, into which he himself sent her. Tolga does not understand why everyone is trying to take all their anger out on him? Asya was told that when Tolga hugs her, she will have to demonstrate her sexiest look. But Asya claims that she does not have such a look. Then Tolga decided to show her exactly how it should look like. Asier believes that she has completely cooled off to life. She must imagine that now in front of her is the man of her life. But for Asya, this is definitely not Tolga. Susan advised Asya to leave behind her life and the girl who worked behind the counter and whose heart was broken. She should go inside this screen. These words were able to give strength to Asya ...