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Seversin episode 1 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 1 of the Turkish TV series “Seversin” will tell about how Asya and Tolga act in a romantic comedy and play the main roles there. During filming, they seem like such a beautiful couple and everything goes perfectly. It is only when the filming stops that the young people breathe a sigh of relief. Tolga doesn't like the fact that according to the script, he has to run across the beach towards Asya. Maybe they will make some adjustments and Asya will take a few steps towards him? Asya also became indignant and tries to understand why Tolga is trying to make her feel guilty? She turned to the director and said that Tolga could calmly stand in one place, and she would run to him across the entire beach. In her opinion, Tolga is not even capable of running normally. Tolga believes that he ran across the entire beach like a real athlete. On top of that, he also had to hold Asya in his arms. Asya's nerves were on the edge, and she said that she could no longer withstand these antics of Tolga. After all, there should be a limit to everything, but now Tolga called her fat and this cannot be forgiven. Tolga sees Asya's condition and tried to calm her down. He reassures her that he didn't mean to say anything like that. These are just the whims of Asya. But Asya does not listen to Tolga and without noticing it, she enters Tolga's trailer, and then slams the door in his face...