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Afili Ask

25-29, 32-36,38 series english subtitles
Year: 2019
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Impulsive AIChE, since childhood, has been under the care of her demanding older brothers, who are trying hard to calm down their eccentric sister, who dreams of unforgettable adventures and travels. The brothers wish their sister the very best, so they try to protect a relative from rash life actions. But Aisha herself does not want to be under the constant supervision of her brothers, wanting to become free and do whatever she wants. Everyone can watch this Turkish series online and make sure that women's actions are unpredictable.

To get rid of their "half-warders", a cunning girl decides to get married. Having met a pleasant young man and having gone through a long stage of a romantic relationship, AIChE and her lover are planning a wedding day. The heroine of the series can not wait for the moment when she becomes the wife of her boyfriend and her brothers will stop watching her, but to teach. Just before the wedding, it turns out that the groom is unfaithful to the bride with her best friend. These circumstances prompt the cancellation of the wedding and Aisha’s dreams of freedom remain in vain.

That's just the "bad girl" does not want to deviate from the plan and makes a decision, by all means, in the near future still get married. The target of the cunning woman is the guy Kerem. AIChE uses a vile lie to make Kerem's father force him to marry her. Now the "newly minted" young spouses live together and can only guess what her daring actions can turn out for the heroine of the series. A new life in marriage brings a lot of unexpected trouble to a desperate girl.
Afili Ask
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Update: 21/03/2020

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Shiru Kinoman 10 December 2019 23:52
where can i find the 1st episode ?  sweat 
Nur.m Guests 1 January 2020 15:23
Where i can find the 1 Episode?