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Aşk Mantık İntikam (Love Logic Revenge) episode 39 english subtitles

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The 39th episode of the Turkish TV series “Aşk Mantık İntikam” will tell about how Ozan came to Musa and happily announced that he and Esra had melted the ice in their relationship. Now they are together again, as if they did not have to go through so much. Esra feels like she is falling in love with Ozan again. Since childhood, she appreciates Ozan and completely trusts him, and this gives her peace of mind. Unexpectedly, Esra received a phone call from Songul's lawyer, but she doesn't remember her. She wanted to tell Esra the date of the next hearing in her divorce from Ozan. Esra was offended that Ozan hid this from her. Esra came to the office and saw a large bouquet of daisies. Inside was a note in which Ozan admitted she was right and apologized. A little time passed, and Ozan considered that Esra was already able to calm down and took pity on him. But this turned out not to be the case, and Ozan's hopes were not justified. Esro was still very resentful of him. Ozan begins to make every effort to ensure that Esra forgives him and allows him to return home. But this turned out to be difficult to do. Esra feels that Ozan is putting a lot of pressure on her and therefore she cannot think things through properly. Ozan accidentally overheard Esra's conversation on the phone and decided that he would no longer be so persistent. Soon Esra realized that she could not live without Ozan and, meeting with him, threw herself into his arms, and then kissed him ...