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Aşk Mantık İntikam (Love Logic Revenge) episode 34 english subtitles

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34 The series of the Turkish TV series "Aşk Mantık İntikam" will tell about how Esra once broke a crystal ball that gave Zana. But he retained all the fragments, and she decided to fix it. After all, now they will be able to just restore their relationship and start it from the very beginning. Ozan wanted to meet with Esro, but she refused him and said that she had too many things. In fact, Esra was preparing a surprise for Zaman on his birthday. But when Ozan appeared, he began to nominate the accusations of Esre that she was in such a day for him secretly meets with Efa. These words and accusations, as if thunder among the clear sky, sounded for Esra. She was very offensive, because she tried so hard only for the sake of Zaman. Esra removed the ring from his finger and gave him to Zana. She married Zaman because of atlas. But only she also always loved Zaman and did not lose hope that they would be able to become a happy family. She wanted them all the way as a real family. Esra thought they could continue to continue their livelihood. Only everything ultimately led to the fact that Esra would have to divorce with Zaman. Esra came to Zana and reported that she prepared broken-water documents. Ozan is worth only to sign this case. Esra asks Zaman to sign documents and finish on it ...